Our gymnastics program is designed for the individuals who have shortened the life expectancy of your furniture at home.



  • February 18-24 is Winter Vacation and there are no regular classes. However, the following classes will meet as a make-up for a previously missed snow day.                                                     All Tuesday classes will meet on Tuesday, February 19. Thursday classes after 3pm will meet on Thursday, February 21.                No classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.
  • We have classes for all ages from walking to adult. You can join at almost anytime and the price is prorated.
  • The 2018-2019 Fall schedule of classes is here. 2018 Schedule
  • Our school calendar is here. 2018 Calendar
  • Classes run throughout the year. And students can start at almost anytime of the year. Call or email for more information
  • Have Fun
    Make New Friends
    Build Confidence
    Free Time for Mom
    Try a Class, Then Decide
  • Give us a call or email us.
    860-945-6970 office@usagymnastics.net
  • Birthday Parties at USA Gymnastics.
    You can have the most fun and memorable birthday party ever. Parties are held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Call to schedule. 860-945-6970
  • Since we have students from many different school systems, we don’t follow any of their schedules. Instead, we have our own. We are open for all of the 3 day weekends except Labor Day and Memorial Day. Consult our school calendar for the schedule that we will follow.