Our gymnastics program is designed for the individuals who have shortened the life expectancy of your furniture at home.



  • April 16-21 is our Spring Vacation week. There are no classes on Monday, Friday or Saturday. The Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday classes will meet at their regular times as a make-up for a previous snow day.
  • We have classes for all ages from walking to adult. You can join at almost anytime and the price is prorated.
  • The 2017-2018 schedule is here. USA Information sheets 2017
  • Our school calendar is here. USA Gymnastics 2017 Calendar
  • Classes run throughout the year. And students can start at almost anytime of the year. Call or email for more information
  • Have Fun
    Make New Friends
    Build Confidence
    Free Time for Mom
    Try a Class, Then Decide
  • Give us a call or email us.
    860-945-6970 office@usagymnastics.net
  • Birthday Parties at USA Gymnastics.
    You can have the most fun and memorable birthday party ever. Parties are held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Call to schedule. 860-945-6970
  • Since we have students from many different school systems, we don’t follow any of their schedules. Instead, we have our own. We are open for all of the 3 day weekends except Labor Day and Memorial Day. Consult our school calendar for the schedule that we will follow.