REGISTRATION FEES: All students must pay an annual registration fee of $35.00.

FAMILY DISCOUNTS: The registration fee is $25.00 for the 2nd child and $15.00 for the 3rd child. Tuition will be discounted 10% for the 2nd child and 20% for the 3rd child.

TUITION: These prices are for classes once a week from September until June. The prices will be prorated as to when you join. There are savings if you pay for the entire school year at or before your child’s first class. This is the price if you pay for the whole year in September, not if you enroll for the whole year in September. Half year payments are due in September and in January.

MAKE UP POLICY: We have children from many different school systems. We don’t follow any of their schedules. Instead we have our own. Consult our calendar. In case of inclement weather, call the gym. The answering machine will give you information. If we cancel a class due to weather, we will make it up during our winter or spring break. There are no make ups for individually missed classes.